Energy Audits

Achieve an appreciable return on your investment with comprehensive energy audits.

The Benefits of Energy Audits

Neelands energy audits are designed with one goal in mind – identify energy efficiency opportunities that reduce costs.

We set ourselves apart in the industry by providing energy audits, for all manner of businesses and organizations of every size, with three distinct differentiators:

Collaborative Process

Audits are completed by a team that includes Neelands technicians, professionals, and customer representation. This collaborative process extracts maximum shared knowledge, unlike audits completed by an engineering consulting firm working in a silo.


Using Kalder analytics and automation, we collect granular data on system performance over time. This data collection and comprehensive analysis allows us to determine areas of HVAC or refrigeration energy inefficiencies making them targets for recommissioning, replacement, or retrofit and determine if they qualify for available incentives.

Continued Optimization

After the initial audit, we continue to work with our customers, in order to provide a strategic path to increased efficiencies. The resultant Neelands energy audit will act as a road map towards this goal.

What to Expect From Your Energy Audit

A Neelands energy audit will help:

  1. Optimize equipment performance
  2. Reduce maintenance costs
  3. Reduce refrigerant loss
  4. Reduce product shrink
  5. Reduce energy usage
  6. Reduce energy costs

Energy Audit Measurement and Verification

At Neelands, we employ the International Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) which has become the internationally accepted standard for quantifying the results of energy savings. Our energy team use this methodology as a part of a broader energy efficiency measurement and verification program.

Our verification program includes:

  • Compilation of a reference database
  • Establishment of baselines
  • Development of a measurement and verification protocol
  • Conducting post-retrofit measurement and verification
  • Monitoring and adjustment of energy savings
  • Issuing of measurement and verification reports
  • Monitoring of long-term energy savings

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