Cheers to 65 Years!
Neelands Group has operated for over 65 years and is a leader in the
North American market for design, installation and service of
Refrigeration, HVAC, Controls, Energy Management and Performance
Analytics Software.

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Refrigeration Solutions

Neelands offers refrigeration design, installation, construction and service on any scale, from display cases to supermarkets to sprawling cold storage facilities. We provide the floorplan, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, condensers/compressors, display cases, walk-ins, controls, systems integration and software to manage energy and maintenance needs. Neelands specialize in both standard and CO2 based refrigerant systems and technologies. We build and service all commercial refrigeration systems for each of our clients’ unique needs.

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Our HVAC business unit provides concept to design, construction, service and maintenance for our commercial, industrial and institutional clients across North America. Neelands specializes in controls, building automation systems (BAS) and entire HVAC systems designed and built with energy and cost efficiencies as the priority.

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Service & Maintenance

We know that downtime is money lost and recognize the need to react quickly. Neelands Service and Maintenance division, with over 200 technicians and growing, is committed to providing highly experienced refrigeration, HVAC, controls, BAS and energy management service techs on demand.

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Equipment Sales

Neelands is proud to offer a vast range of refrigeration and HVAC equipment from the industry’s leading OEM vendors. We sell a wide variety of refrigerated display cases, including compressor and condensers, evaporator coils, gas coolers as well as an array of HVAC equipment.

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Energy Management

At Neelands we are extremely invested in the energy management needs of our customers. Our energy team extracts information and insights from projects and existing
installations to maximize environmental benefit and produce real cost savings. Through our proprietary energy management performance analytics software – Kalder – we leverage data to enhance efficiencies of refrigeration systems.

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Controls & BAS

Neelands offer a full range of customized controls in refrigeration and HVAC to accomplish full systems integration. Our automated controls provide the means to monitor systems in real-time to effectively manage energy usage, mechanical operations, performance, maintenance scheduling and system issues.

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The Neelands Sustainability division is focussed on delivering comprehensive environmentally conscious projects for our supermarket, food distribution and cold storage clients across North America. Our team will provide and deliver on the plan to construct full or near ‘Net Zero’ facilities and navigate through government relations to secure available grant program dollars. Internally, Neelands is committed to operating at full Net Zero by 2030.

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Projects & Services

Since 1957, Neelands Group has been the choice to complete thousands of innovative projects across a broad range of industries, institutions and businesses. Our team of designers and technicians strive to meet our client needs, with the highest quality workmanship while always keeping sustainability, safety and cost savings in mind.

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