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CO2 — Its Time Has Come

CO2 is fast becoming the preferred refrigerant in supermarkets and Neelands Group is leading the way towards the successful adoption of CO2.

With recent changes in regulations for refrigerant usage, the emergence of CO2 as an alternative refrigerant has shone a light on its many advantages. Those drivers are: environmental properties (ODP:0 GWP:1), energy efficiency, safety (flammability and toxicity), cost and availability. It's no wonder that CO2 is now recognized as the most viable and efficient solution among natural refrigerants for the food and retail industry.

Neelands Group has pioneered CO2 supermarket installations for close to 10 years and has gained valuable experience from the many installations throughout Canada. That experience has proved that CO2 can be applied in supermarkets enabling both environmentally friendly and energy saving systems to operate successfully in all types of retail applications.

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Net Zero

Neelands Group, a leader in new technology innovations in the supermarket industry, designed, engineered, and installed the first NET ZERO supermarket in Canada in 2018 for Longo's Supermarket.

Neelands provided expertise in refrigeration applications and was responsible for a novel refrigeration system. The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of CO2 as a natural refrigerant, integration of multiple technologies to reduce losses of refrigerant, recover waste heat from it's operation, lower heating and cooling loads, and produce and use clean energy from renewable technologies such as rooftop solar panels, building integrated photovoltaic panels, combined heat and power generation, advanced software, and other advanced building materials. The 40,00 square foot supermarket will use 35% less energy than similar stores and produce 65% of it's own energy through renewable technologies. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 1500 and 2000 metric tonnes per year or the equivalent of taking from 274 to 366 cars off the road.

Projects such as this are critical to combating climate change and meeting the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment by 30% by 2030.


Data Centers

Led by an experienced national data centre Project Manager, Neelands Data Center Maintenance Management Service provides an integrated solution for the maintenance of data center sites. These include everything from stand-alone data center facilities to tenant-space computer rooms and their related support infrastructure. The goal of the service is to help organizations in the following ways:

  • Improve PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)
  • Increase asset life
  • Use Neelands Performance Lifecycle Maintenance to fuel Reliability Centered Maintenance Prevent equipment failures
  • Improve procurement decisions
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Minimize inventory
  • Lower the total cost of data center maintenance

Pre and post-asset maintenance information and data points are mapped against server output levels, providing the client with exceptional performance clarity. This information ensures that production equipment is designed, utilized and maintained cost-effectively.

Neelands continues to invest heavily in developing the most effective data room technical support services. Recent successes in CO2 cooling technology applications, plus the hiring of experienced large-scale data center project management personnel, provide assurances that we understand and are meeting your operational challenges. For example, our CO2 data room systems can achieve an impressive 1.02 PUEs and will operate in a patented thermosyphon-free cooling mode at efficiency levels far more impressive than other methods.

Bell Canada Data Center -  Case study

Commercial Industrial

Courchesne Larose Distribution Warehouse -  Case study

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