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Energy Audits

For many owners and operators, previous experiences with energy audits have been disappointing. Typically, the completed energy audits sit collecting dust on a book shelf. And expected subsequent benefits have not materialized. Neelands offers three different perspectives on energy audits that will result in an appreciable return on investments.

Firstly, that an energy audit is not viewed as a "snapshot" of your facility, but as a living document that provides a strategic path towards increased energy efficiencies. Neelands can show how this is accomplished - with or without our team providing your regular maintenance service.

Secondly, that the audit is completed by a team consisting of field technicians, control technicians, engineers and representatives of your company. This collaborative process extracts maximum shared knowledge, unlike many audits completed only by a consulting engineering firm.

Finally, that our N.O.E.L. Analytics software and automation, which we use as part of our audit, collects granular data on system performance. All available incentives are facilitated by Neelands and presented as part of our proposal.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will only magnify the inefficiency. - Bill Gates

Energy Audit Services
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Neelands has placed itself close to the leading edge of control technology trends by its association with Micro Thermo Technologies and Reliable Controls. Neelands is an authorized dealer for Micro Thermo and Reliable Control products in Ontario.

Micro Thermo Leads the industry in R744 (CO2) control technology with the Full Case Controller and the Trans-critical Rack Controller, allowing food retailers adopt lower GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants and reduce their energy consumption, while ensuring better food quality.

The MT Alliance platform controls a store's refrigeration, HVAC, lighting/energy systems, anti-sweat control and load shedding, keeping it all running efficiently. MT Alliance is a powerful tool for any food retailer.

British Columbia-based Reliable Controls products monitor and control the complete spectrum of digital building equipment, specializing in internet-connected green building controls. Utilizing the ASHRAE-standard BACnet protocol (Building Automation Control), the products are simple, flexible and competitively priced.

The Neelands automation team develops innovative and dependable building controls to help you operate your facility in an environmentally responsible way. The team consists of mechanical engineers, programmers, installers and service providers. We take great care in evaluating and implementing new technologies, and have earned a sterling reputation for outstanding customer service. We ensure that all elements of our Performance Lifecycle Maintenance program, Performance Analytics and Controls are integrated to deliver specific measurable key performance objectives to our customers - there is no guess work.


Neelands Operations Energy Logic (N.O.E.L)

Measurable performance.
Measurable financial results.
And extended lifecycle.

All of these are provided in a simple web-based user dashboard.

Today's measuring and control systems can deliver a lot of data at a reasonable cost, but the ways that the measured data is interpreted and transformed into useful information for maintenance providers, plant management and owners can be poor, or even non-existent.

With the increasing pressure on the refrigeration industry to take responsibility for the often low-energy efficiency of installed systems, the focus is to find better criteria for design, as well as validation after installation.

Neelands Performance Lifecycle Maintenance provides this validation. Instantaneous measurement and logging give technicians and managers the ability to make adjustments and to determine appropriate maintenance activities. Better yet, the authorities also see the value of these tools, and provide incentives of between 50% and 100% for their implementation.

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Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering (EE) is a broad field of working with energy efficiency, energy services, facility management and other alternative energy resources.

Our mission is to enable organizations to be part of creating a sustainable world. Our product and services helps our clients to conserve energy through efficient energy solutions delivered with passion, integrity, expertise and teamwork focused on customer satisfaction.

Neelands Energy Engineering Services includes:

1. Energy Star/Green Building Portfolio Benchmarking
2. Energy Management
3. Energy Assessment
4. Existing Building Commissioning
5. Carbon Assessments/Accounting
6. Energy Efficiency Training and Education
7. Awareness Program
8. Sustainability Strategic Planning
9. Energy Optimization Service
10. Energy Incentive Consulting

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Performance Lifecycle Maintenance

Maintenance does not always mean PERFORMANCE.
Maintenance does not necessarily mean ASSET LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT.

Can you say that your current schedule of maintenance activities is delivering measurable results? Do you (or your customer) at times feel frustrated at continuously approving expenses without a final goal being determined?

Also, do you feel you are making informed decisions about maintenance or repair expenses? What is your level of confidence when presenting maintenance results to your customers? Are your current HVAC suppliers helping you differentiate your offering into the market and helping to increase your sales?

These are all valid, viable questions for those with HVAC requirements. As a whole, the HVAC service market has not innovated. Maintenance contracts speak to providing a host of "typical" benefits, but rarely does a contractor demonstrate these benefits with measurable data. Despite that, customers continue to sign cheques without identifying long term objectives - and frustration may be the only return on investment.


This covers knowledge-based maintenance activities that deliver MEASURABLE operational and financial results to our customers. Our Performance Lifecycle Maintenance Program provides clarity to clients, so they can make informed decisions about their assets. Yes, clients can look forward to informed, documented performance information from Neelands.

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