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Meeting Your HVAC Goals

Our goal is to measurably improve our customers' performance - no matter how they measure it. We best serve our customers by first understanding their typical challenges and goals - whether these are defined by asset management, unit cost of production, square foot revenue, RevPOR, tenant retention, NOI, health and safety or corporate social responsibilities.

Our employees come from a diverse background and have a proven record of success with helping customers across markets like the municipal, institutional and production sectors, including data centres, supermarkets, hotels and condominiums. Customers can be assured of receiving program design and leadership from a company that will offer continuous improvement as defined by a chosen performance metric.

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The commercial property sector is highly diverse, ranging from a stand-alone business needing a single packaged rooftop heating and cooling system to office towers comprised of central chillers, boilers and building automation systems. They all demand the same level of diversification from your technical service providers.

When it comes to meeting and exceeding operational goals and objectives, the property owner or property manager must do so in an ever changing environment. End users can be anything from a data storage room to a clothing retailer - and they may all be located within the same building.

As a company responsible for tenant satisfaction, retention and growth, clients will quickly see a difference in the Neelands' approach. Neelands is collaborative, engaged, transparent and enthusiastic - our goal is to ensure that you are making the most informed decisions possible.

Whether it is the design of a Performance Lifecycle Maintenance Program, retrofit of an aging asset, or budgeting for tenant requirements, we work hard to ensure that all of our suggestions are aligned with your business objectives - and then leave the final decision to you.

If you don't understand how to run an efficient operation, new machinery will just give you new problems of operation and maintenance. - W. Edwards Deming

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Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry faces significant challenges - intense global competition, increasing regulations, technology advancements, lean organizational structures and the expectation of sustainability, to name some.

Our F&B clients benefit from the integrated thinking and approach that the Neelands team brings to meeting these challenges. They do so by offering four distinct services: HVAC/R, Carbon Dioxide refrigeration, Energy Services and Performance Lifecycle Maintenance, all under one roof.

HVAC/R either directly or indirectly contributes to production efficiency, and therefore provides a correlating impact to your company's profitability. Our highest level of HVAC/R service - Performance Lifecycle Maintenance - provides clients with measurable results, optimizes asset performance and drives maintenance through collaboration and transparency.

"Green" refrigeration solutions, provided through environmentally-friendly CO2 technology, are another option for F&B operators. Neelands are leaders in this pioneering field - we have achieved an impressive level of sustainability while providing optimal performance, reliability and employee/community safety for our clients.

Finally, there should be no question on if your HVAC/R resources are delivering a measurable return. If there is, then speak to us about the benefits of Performance Lifecycle Maintenance.

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HVAC equipment energy performance, reliability, safety, lifecycle management, reserve fund management and property management training should all be key performance markers for a condominium HVAC provider. But few of these metrics are usually provided, let alone proven.

Customers who take their asset performance and lifecycle management responsibilities seriously seek to build robust performance metrics to measure contractor success. Transparency, collaboration and innovation are all keys to maximizing shared knowledge and contractor value with the condo property manager.

At Neelands, our most complete level of maintenance service is both Performance and Lifecycle based - and we prove it! We deliver transparent communications and ongoing service activities such as performance analytics, benchmarking, re-commissioning and asset management reporting. We ensure that the energy and environmental performance of the condo's HVAC assets continue to function as intended.

Take your HVAC performance management to a radically different level of service, by adding "measurable" performance markers to the list of benefits.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. - Paul J. Meyer

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Capital asset management for municipalities and institutions changed with the introduction of PSAB accounting practices. And arguably, the greatest focus of change was from a "cash" to "accrual" basis of accounting for HVAC capital assets.

As a result, an integrated management plan is required to provide decision-makers with the information they need to plan, coordinate and assess the needs of their HVAC capital assets.

This requirement is a large undertaking, considering the limited human resources and shrinking budgets that managers often face. The option of requiring contractor partners to provide these metrics is a valid, viable approach.

Since municipal and institutional sectors must adhere to public procurement policies, the level of required service is often compromised by inherent budget restraints. The result can be incomplete asset tasking, reporting, lifecycle management and underachieving asset performance. All too frequently, this leads to customer dissatisfaction and contractor turnover.

Neelands provides an integrated asset and lifecycle maintenance program. Institutional and municipal customers are thus assured of receiving the highest levels of innovation in the management of these operations. And in most cases, our systems and information can be seamlessly uploaded into client databases.

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Performance Lifecycle Maintenance

Performance Lifecycle Maintenance ensures that optimum levels of both system performance and lifecycle terms are achieved for a customer's assets.

The program provides Reliability Centered Maintenance activities and reporting that delivers measureable operational and financial results to our clients. Performance Lifecycle Maintenance provides clarity to them, so they can make informed decisions about investments in their assets.

This is important to clients who are asking if their current schedule of maintenance activities is delivering measurable results. Or if they are making informed decisions about maintenance and repair expenses. Or if their current HVAC suppliers are helping them differentiate their offerings into the market to help increase sales.

These are all valid, viable questions for those with HVAC requirements. But clients can look forward to informed, documented performance information from Neelands.

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