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Design Build

Clients select a design-build approach when they want to work with one contractor instead of several contractors and consultants. As the design builder, Neelands provides comprehensive design, construction and project management through one point of contact. Bringing all project team members together in the early stages of the design helps foster a more successful partnership, and delivers projects on time and on budget.

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Sustainability and Energy Service

Neelands increases the value of our client's building and infrastructure by delivering Energy Performance and Sustainability solutions to maximize efficiency, minimize operating cost and reduce environmental impacts. The Sustainable Energy Strategy helps clients reduce costs, mitigate risks, justify capital expenditures on energy efficiency and make the organization more efficient. Our services include:

- Energy Star/Green Building Portfolio Benchmarking
- Energy Management Planning
- Energy Building Assessment (Audit)
- Energy Report, complete with a list of energy conservation measures, pricing and payback analysis
- Development and execution of Energy Retrofit projects
- Carbon Assessment/Accounting
- Energy Efficiency Training and Education
- Awareness Programs
- Sustainability Strategic Planning
- Energy Optimization Services
- Energy Incentive Consulting

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Mechanical and Electrical

Our mechanical designs are focused on providing creative solutions to meet our client's needs. The mechanical system needs to provide thermal comfort and maintain good indoor air quality. Our services includes full mechanical system designs, including load calculation, equipment selection, construction documentation production, CAD Drawing production, contract administration, project execution and project management. We have an expertise in following disciplines:

- Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
- Refrigeration
- Plumbing
- Sheet metal
- Electrical
- Lighting
- Building Management System and Controls

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Measurement and Verification

Neelands M&V services adopt the International Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) which has become the internationally accepted standard for quantifying the results of energy savings. Our energy efficiency experts use this methodology as a part of a broader energy efficiency measurement and verification program. It covers:

- Compilation of a reference database
- Establishment of baselines
- Development of an M & V plan
- Conducting post-retrofit M & V
- Monitoring and adjustment of Energy Savings
- Issuing of M&V Reports
- Monitoring of long-term Energy Savings

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Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

Retro-Commissioning is a systematic process applied to existing buildings to identify and implement operational and maintenance improvements, and ensure their continued performance over time. Depending on the age of the building, retro-commissioning can often resolve problems that occurred during design/construction, or address problems that have developed during the building's life. Neelands undertakes a systematic process of investigating, testing, analyzing, adjusting and correcting building systems to meet the client's current requirements, improve comfort, environmental quality, optimize energy and resource conservation.

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